Saturday, 19 October 2013

Team Australia update, After a fast passage now approaching the finish

Latest update from Team Australia's Facebook page (10 minutes ago):

Team Australia has made outstanding progress overnight and will be well inside the three day mark for the Trans-Tasman crossing.

At 17 knots of boat speed they are due to finish within the hour off North Head.

They are heading to Silo Marina to berth, if there's public access go & congratulate the guys for an outstanding world speed record (to be officially verified).


they have finished the record course now

Team Australia has finished their Trans-Tasman speed record attempt.

They took roughly 67 hrs 10 mins to sail from Sydney to Auckland and averaged 18.7 knots over the 1,260nm course.

Team Australia Crew, photo courtesy Georgia Schofield/ Subzero

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