Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Team Australia move forward departure time for record attempt on Sydney to Auckland route

From the following article submitted to livesaildie by Lisa Ratcliff:
“Looks like survival on the first night,” said Team Australia skipper Sean Langman on the eve of their Sydney to Auckland record run.

Tomorrow’s departure time is creeping forward for the giant ORMA 60 trimaran so the six man crew can stack the weight aft and get a head start on the seaway due to build to 3-5m with the fresh north-west winds.  An early afternoon exit from Sydney Heads is now being discussed.

“If they keep good pace Team Australia will hopefully be ahead of the biggest waves and should only have 2-3m waves to contend with,” said Roger ‘Clouds’ Badham who is routing the attempt. “Slower and they will have more waves, faster and there will be less.”

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