Friday, 4 October 2013

Corsair Marine, Try a Tri at Multihullworld Haslar Marina, Gosport UK 5th - 6th October 2013

From the following entry on the Corsair Marine facebook page:

If your in the UK this weekend 5th 6th October 2013, go along to Haslar marina, Gosport.
Multihullworld are hoisting a weekend where you can experience the thrill of sailing on a Corsair Trimaran(s).We will be racing them around a set course in the Solent and timing the laps so that people can get a feel for the different performance of the boats. The event will be from 10am-5pm each day. There is a bar and restaurant in the marina and we will be around in the bar after the event in the evening if anyone would like to discuss the boats further.

Corsair Marine at Multihullworld Haslar Marina, Gosport UK, photo courtesy Corsair Marine

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